Your Ex Boyfriend – Do You Know Why he Keeps Rejecting You?

Most breakups come as a surprise and that is what is apt to throw you into an emotional tailspin. You spend hours trying to figure out what you did to offend the man you love. Then you resort to texting and calling him in an effort to get him to talk. All of your efforts end up by leaving you with a feeling of futility and you become convinced that you have lost him for good.

But, men don’t react the same as woman and what you think is the problem might not be close to what is bothering your ex boyfriend. This is why you need to understand how your ex thinks and start pulling him back instead of pushing him farther away. First of all no matter how you beg him, your ex boyfriend is not going to simply tell you what is wrong. Men just don’t do that.

In fact the reason he continues to reject you could be that he is afraid he might weaken and tell you the truth. However, there are ways that you can get inside his mind and find the problem without him having any clue as to what you are doing. This is nothing more than using male psychology to get your ex boyfriend to come out of his shell and talk to you and it is much easier than you think.

Right now he may be as unhappy and sorry about the breakup as you are, but men have a large ego and if he suddenly told you he had made a mistake, it might make him look weak in front of his buddies. If your ex is like most men he has been telling his friends over a few beers about how he dumped you and you just won’t leave him alone. No matter how much he wants you back, he can’t allow himself to come begging you to forgive him.

Another reason for him rejecting you could be fear of commitment. Many men fear the responsibility that comes with having a home and family. As long as you keep telling him you love him he has no fear of losing you and so he will take his time getting back with you. The problem is that he might find someone else and never come back.

Things are apt to change abruptly if you give him a reason to believe you have had enough and are moving on. Since it is well known that men will go after what they think they have lost, you need to make him believe that he may be losing you. All it will take is for you to start ignoring him and start going out with your friends. This is not an attempt to make your ex boyfriend jealous. You have to show him that you can have a life without him.

Some men never realize what they have until they are in danger of losing it. Once your ex sees how important you are to his happiness, you won’t be able to keep him away from you.

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  • Blake:

    My boyfriend (now ex) and I broke up after 2 years of being together. I am left with no friends due to the relationship being pretty controlling. I just feel so alone and it’s miserable. Ive never broken up with anyone before and I don’t know how to handle the emotions.

  • airdogspace2:

    He broke up with me 2 years ago. Anyways he tried adding me as a friend a couple of months ago. I rejected it and today I saw another friend request from him. I have a boyfriend and I have a feeling he knows that I have a boyfriend.
    Why does he keep trying to add me on facebook? He’s the one who dumped me. I wonder if it would be a good idea to message him and ask him what he wants?

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