Online Marriage Counseling Courses You Should Know About

We are living at a time when cases of divorce and family problems have increased and thus it is very important to create awareness on good ways to maintain marriage relationship in order to safeguard the trust and love between the marriage partners. Through this, it is possible to raise healthy families and thus making the world a better place to live in and share making the human population more productive.

This ensures that the marriage partners are responsible and carry their duties in their families thus reinforcing the marriage relationship. Online marriage counseling courses provide knowledge on how to deal with relationships, marriages, careers, family life, depression and stress among others. Good marriage relationship is the one that the respect, love and trust between the partners exceeds the needs of the partners.

This ensures that love is protected and maintained despite the many challenges in life.It helps the partners to look on the positive side of life since they are able to unite and work to overcome failures and highly achieve.Each partner is responsible of the other’s life. This makes the partners to stick together in time of joy and also the time of sorrow.

In every relationship there exists a number of challenges and therefore the partners must train to accommodate and live with each other. A marriage relationship pass through challenges such as financial strains, quarrel, some behaviours that the other partner may not like, cases of infidelity among others. To manage to maintain unity it requires forgiveness. The partners must train to have hearts of forgiveness.

It is very important for one to understand that no one is perfect and everyone is working towards perfection. Forgiveness is not simple as it may sound especially at such a time in the world. There is the fear that if one forgiveness the other especially in the cases of infidelity, the partner may never change. To forgive and trust the other partner is therefore very important with the understanding that even yourself can be in such a position when you want someone to understand you and forgive.

Online marriage counseling courses provide the knowledge and the guidelines to manage career and the family. Most people due to the busy working environment,spend very little time in their homes.The lack of time with the family may lead to family break-up . For one to manage family and work, it is required that one should manage free time properly such as during the weekends and vacations.

It is necessary to use this time to travel and also share with the family to protect the cases of family break-up. Stress management during relationship is well-managed through open-ness of the partners and helping each other to get through with time. Therefore, it is possible to maintain good marriage relationships, through responsible measures by the partners.

4 Responses to “Online Marriage Counseling Courses You Should Know About”

  • Alina Elliott:

    So ive worked at my jobs close to two years now and ive always had busy days and quiet days but now it is just getting to the point where enough is enough. I’m getting frustrated, dreading going to work, bored out of my mind where im thinking WAY to much and its causing me to get mental issues.
    There is just nothing for me to do and when I am doing something its either filing or data entry (just as boring as doing nothing). I want to talk to my manager but she has the “I dont really care unless it bothers me” approach to things and because it doesnt affect her she just wont care.
    I cant go home early when ive got nothing to do as I have to sit here and mind a phone which barely rings and im not allowed on the internet so im expected to sit there and do absolutely nothing.
    Nobody else in the business needs help as they only really do enough to keep themselves busy.
    I cant leave my job as my partner is out of a job and we have $2,000 in rent to pay a month which therefore means I have no choice but to keep my job.
    I cant look for another job as I have no leave so it will be an unpaid day.
    Should I talk to my manager?
    I have attempted to but she changed the conversation. One of the guys is leaving the company and I tried to hint to her it would be best not to hire somebody else but allow me to do what they do and she changed the subject i.e. not really caring.

    Im going mad, getting depression, fighting with my partner and all my emotions, thoughts and frustrations are being bottled up.

    What do I do?
    @ Let me Steer You.

    Obviously you didnt read the question.
    1. Cant find another job, need to pay 2K a month in rent, not that easy to find another job when your manager wont let you take a day off

    2. I ask absolutely everybody in the business EVERY DAY for something to do and nobody needs any help because they are fine doing their own thing

    3. Obviously I would be happy in another job as id rather be stressed and so busy I cant think then sitting here refreshing a page and thinking about all the sh*t going on in my life. I already have depression and an anxiety disorder and my psychologist says “keep busy” ah yeah! Keep busy by doing nothing.

  • Pacman:

    I need something focused more on pre-marriage. Thanks for your help!!

  • John:

    My husband and I were high school sweethearts, we dated for 5 years and got married and have been for 3 years. Over the course of our marriage things have been rough. We’ve had fights, multiple seperations and very many difficulties. When things got rough, I constantly left and moved back with me family. I was selfish and immature and I hurt him very badly by constantly leaving. Over the last seperate, I even saw someone else for about 3 months. Now, I’ve recently given my life to God and have been working to show my husband that I really do love him. I see now that he is a great man and I want to love in all of the ways that I didn’t before. But now he says that he doesn’t feel the same way that he used to. He says that he’s been trying to but he just can’t. He’s even met someone online . He told me about and said there was no sex, just communication, like he couldn’t have with me. I’ve moved out again , because he asked, but he says he doesn’t want a divorce. What do I do?

  • Lachlan:

    My husband had an affair (not physical, but every other way possible) for the last year with a woman he plays Mobsters with. They even mailed each other things in the mail, constantly talked, told each other they love them, and planned to meet. He was angry that I even asked him to stop all contact with her. But in order to do that he had to stop the game. Also, he has a lot of female friends that he talks to in the game so I’m not sure if I could ever trust him again in this way, considering he lied to me and made my life hell for over a year.

    Now that were trying to work it out he says he doesn’t want to give up Mobsters cause all his friends are there. My feelings on that are, “I’m sorry, but you made it what it is”. I told him he can make new friends. Its not like he always had Mobsters anyways…

    So what do you all think? Should I have to constantly wonder if hes gonna start things up with this woman or another “close friend”? Or should he have to give up his game and his friends? I think if hes serious about rebuilding our lives he should realize that family is foundation and all else comes after.

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